Monday, June 8, 2015

Manic Monday

Monday morning the paint crew of 7 was at the Martin house priming, caulking, staining and painting. The cleaning crew was also there removing dust and debris left by the carpenters and plumbers so the painters have clean surfaces to paint. The carpenters still not complete, but closing in with painters on their back. Lighting delivered and placed in the correct room.  Electricians starting Tuesday morning hanging lights and replacing old switches and plugs. Controlled chaos.

I walk in to the garage as I make my full job site inspection and notice a puddle on the floor. I look up and yes water dripping. I guessed it was an A/C unit since I knew there was one in the attic above the garage. One of the painters overheard me and went up into the attic to check it out. And it was the A/C so I turned it off and called the service tech. The subs have been leaving the doors open too much so the A/C gets overworked and freezes up. Also there was 6 months before I was put in charge where the A/C filters were not being changed and dust got into the unit. I have an a/c cleaning lined up but I'm not doing it until the dust stops.

Next I had a sub lined up to start forming up the new front steps to be poured. And to work on replacing the rotten boards on the eaves. But after not being able to reach him he eventually texted me back that he had to much on his plate. He flaked out after promising to do the work, so I'm in the process of finding a replacement sub.

In between all this I was working on making final selection and presentation digital boards for the apartment complex club house that I have been working on for months now. Furniture, art, lamps, rugs, accessories and drapery. Stopping and starting all afternoon.

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