Wednesday, June 24, 2015


In construction there are tons of deadlines and people to coordinate. If one person runs behind (like the carpenter) it causes a domino effect for the rest. Painters cant paint what's not built, electrician cant hang lights if room is not painted, flooring cant be installed, plumber cant install toilets without flooring.... and on and on...

Here are some more progress pics of the stairs

Well this has happened more than once on this job and the closer to end that I get the more people are getting stacked on top of each other. The carpenters continually underestimate their time and pushing people behind. Some things, like the brick floors being laid... if I put them off again it would be a month before they could come back so I let them install and just covered the floor for the painters to get back in.

All last week I spent 2-4 hours every morning on the site and often spent an additional 1-2 hours in the afternoon. I answer questions, check on progress, meet subs current and new as we move into the outdoor repairs before painting. Since the homeowners do not live here yet I am the liaison and make many major decisions. Remodels are notorious for uncovering problems and issues that require a answer to keep things rolling.

On very rare occasions I have issues being a woman on a job site, some men can get too fresh. I have one particular sub who is constantly too fresh. I can handle some  smack talk on a job but he tries to box me in a room, makes comments as I walk in front of him and he tries to touch me. I told him again to stop and followed our meeting up with... if he was unable to behave appropriately that I would have someone else complete the project. I'm WAY over it! Everyone else on this project has been respectful. I occasionally have a little difficulty with a new sub who does not realize my 20 years of experience are not just picking out paint colors and fabrics. That I have a lot of knowledge on residential construction.   They soon realize I know a lot more than they expect and I can say my pursuit of getting my degree in interior design has added so much to abilities.

I have a meeting tomorrow to show my final selections and prices for the apartment clubhouse furniture, accessories, drapery and art. I'm ready to get that going. Below is a picture of all the fabrics and paint colors.

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