Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Even the best plans go awry

My large residential project for the Martins is my daily challenge. I go there 1-3 time a day to meet with subs, discuss issues (with remodel there is always something), keep people on track, job site clean and make sure they have the supplies they need. The carpenters are very behind and at this point the painters have stopped because they can't do anymore. So I made a new schedule for the carpenters to focus on the kitchen and be out by Friday morning so the painters can get in there. The problem is I have electricians, sound and security subs planned to start Monday, so I reworked their timeline a bit and pushed them back a few days. The painters need 4 days to finish painting if the carpenters get out of the way. So Friday (maybe Saturday if the painters will come) Monday Tuesday. The electricians can start up stairs while the painters finish the 2 story foyer and living room on Monday. The iron stair railing is getting installed starting Wednesday so the painters must be done in the foyer Tuesday.

Yesterday as I was leaving the job site, after meeting with the plumber,  I did my standard walkthrough. I noticed a dark spot on the unfinished wood mantle in the study. I walked over and was it was water dripping from above. I found a bucket and placed it to catch the water. The house was built in the early 1990's and had been unoccupied for 8 years. You never know what kind of issues will pop up. I got the plumber to turn off the water so we could assess the issue. We had to access from the wall behind the shower faucet inside the vanity, so today I had the carpenters remove all the drawer guides and cut a hole into the wall for the plumber.

I told the homeowners I could probably get the house in a condition to move furniture and boxes in but we would need a few more weeks before they live there. We will have a few things to finish up and a punch list to do.  Pushing up the moving timeline due to his business travel schedule is understandable but not practical. So I continue to do my best to keep the job running smoothly.

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