Monday, May 25, 2015

Never a dull moment

On Wednesday after having my schedule clear for the rest of the week I ended up making 4 appointments for Thursday and Friday. All related to current projects... thank goodness.

My big residential project for the Martins took a turn. The homeowner need to move in by June 20th which is a real push but I'm going to give it my best shot. We still have half the house to paint and most of the flooring, all new lighting, some carpentry, appliances, stair railing etc.. Its a lot to do but I a made a schedule of the last month and if everyone shows up it is possible. Its a big enough house for people to be working in different areas.  So we will see.

Here is a picture of some progress and one of my favorite changes in the house... the balcony cat walk
 this project started out because the railing was actually a balustrade with 6" spacing on this open section and 10" spacing on the stairs. Too dangerous for the kids ages 1,3 and 7. It was also ugly I called it the upside down wedding cake

 we had some other things to do in the foyer like a wider front door, as well as speaker system and security system that needed access inside the walls. we removed the sheetock in these areas and the kitchen
I opened up all 3 of the railing space and removed the upside down wedding cake. I also raised the two side areas up, added moldings and 11" 2 piece crown.
 This is the beginnings of the new railing. absolutely stunning. I cant wait to see them installed.
This project takes up a lot of my time and Wednesday I was asked to design a pool,  pool house and outdoor kitchen as well. The homeowners said if I wasn't involved they didn't want to do it. WOW! That made me feel great.
I also have some apartments I had been working on for a rehabilitation facility. We had bid on the job in September and just this last week got the final approval with a purchase order his week. So I needed to finalized the selections of art and rugs. Luckily the furniture was still available. I sat down with the lead Doctor to select art and rugs. We wanted each apartment to have a different feel even though they all have identical furniture. She picked out a lot of different art and rugs and I told her I would group them and email them for her approval. Of course being a holiday weekend for those not in the retail or restaurant biz. I don't expect an answer until Tuesday.
I also had to submit my paint colors and granite selection for the McComb apartment club house interior. I always make a spreadsheet for this. I don't have a window so I go outside often to check my colors.

I rounded off the week by meeting with a sales associate at Sunbelt lighting for the Martin residence to finalize a few loose ends on the lighting. Most of the lights were already there but I needed to sit down and hash out a few last decisions. My first choice dining chandelier was too expensive my second choice got discontinued so I'm looking for a third. Never a dull moment!

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