Monday, May 18, 2015

And so it begins...

Welcome to my summer internship blog. I already work for Pennebaker Enterprises in furniture sales and design as I complete my degree at USM. I work directly under the brother owners of the company Bo and Adam Pennebaker. They own four Ashley furniture stores and also sell other brands of residential and commercial furniture through their other endeavors. In August of 2014 they offered me a new position created as they expand their sales and client services in new directions.

My internship starts in the middle of several projects that I have been working on in various stages. There are also other projects that come into the mix and are completed in a shorter amount of time.

Some of my larger ongoing projects are:

Martin Residence- major home reconstruction/ remodel 5000 sf- we are finally painting but the carpenters are behind so subs are stacked on top of each other working. I visit this job daily. I am in charge of everything from design to managing subs. It has been a challenge.

River Park Apartment Complex in McComb- I have been involved in selecting all interior and exterior finishes. In addition I am furnishing the clubhouse and one apartment with furniture, art and accessories.

The Claiborne- a multi phase retirement community- There are apartments, assisted living and full care. I am working with a designer in Texas named Linda Youngblood who was hired by the developer to specify all products and finishes.

In addition to working on all these this week,  I supervised the installation of nine apartments of furniture in Ellisville for a Property management company that rents them to Halliburton, for groups that come to train for a two month class. We had a tight deadline to meet and it was down to the wire and had to reselect some furniture to complete it in time. Some products were not on our delivery truck and I spent much of the day tracking down the products location to ensure we completed the job as promised.

I spent Friday setting up a table for a charity event. I was once on the gala committee for the Pink
Ribbon Fund, when I went back to school I did not have the time to devote to them. A few months ago they asked if I could contribute by designing and furnishing everything a table for the Downton Abbey themed tea. Although it was a week after finals I managed to pull it off working on it some during the semester but mostly during this last week. My table was Library inspired with synopsis of books written during the 1920's

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